Thursday, 24 March 2011


Well I guess their is no better way to start off, than with how the jw's are able to get members, and the system they use...... in the future I will post a list of things the jw's do not want you to know.

Ok so as people may know, Jehovah's Witnesses go door to door, knocking on people's houses and saying "Would you like to read about (this or that)" whatever it may be, they never actually ask straight up "Would you like to join".
So they way they work is this, in the morning, usually around 9, they all meet up at one of the member's house, which they call "The Group". They have a schedule in which whatever day in the month, they go to their house. So for example 'on the second Saturday of the month, everyone meets up at John's house'.
When they meet up their, the 'conductor' (usually an elder) will have a series of maps, there is quite a lot of them because an area, a block of houses, maybe two, is a map. And he will tell everyone, "alright we will be working on map #" and he will explain what the subject of that day will be, although they use the subject for a week, than they change.
So obviously things like, around Christmas time, they'll had out magazines about 'the truth of Christ' so on and so forth.
So than the people will drive out to the map area, in which they call territory, and they start.
Now here's the thing, when they go and do their witnessing (another word for preaching in case you didn't know) they have a system, a system in which they have to keep a record of. When they come to your house their aim is this:

1: Make the householder accept magazine.
2: Get householder's name.
3: Ask for donations.
4: And if possible, tell them that they will come back next week, and hope they accept.

Now they reason they do this is, was that for 1, they hope that you will accept it, so there will be some sort of spark there, in which starts off with you being curious about that subject.
For 2 they would like to get your name, so the next time they come back, they know your name, so it feels more personal...... remember this, when they walk away, they will write down your address and name, so they can come back next week.
Number 3, well any religion their will ask for donations for stuff they hand out, and 4 is pretty self explanatory.

So if a JW comes to your house, here is what you should do:

If you are not interested, at all, DO NOT accept the magazines under any circumstances, if you feel like accepting them will make them leave, your wrong, because they will be back next week.
Do not tell them your name, because that just encourages them to come back.
And third but most important, Tell them to never come back.... you can even go as far as to tell them to add your address to their Do not call list...... what is a do not call list?
This is a list in which the JW's hand out between themselves, were it has a list of the maps, and a list of addresses, and they get a new one every month.
Now what happens is when a JW comes to your house, they find out what status you are, and their is a huge list of statues and I won't type all of them, but I will tell you the main ones, like:

NH- Not home
DNC- Do not call
B- Busy
RV- return visit

and many many others.
So when you see the JW walk away, they actually get out a little paper slip, they write down your address, and they write down what status that house is, so that is why, if you accept the magazine you will be written down as RV, but if you tell them loud and clear to not come back, they will write down DNC, and your address will be added to the DNC list for the next month.
That will give about 4-6 months of your address being on the DNC list, in which JW's will stand loud and clear of your property.

I know that was a long post, so in the future I will try and keep my post's short and sweet, but with a subject like this, it is hard to keep it short, so I will either have to cut them up, or just not post as often, since their quite large.


  1. Thanks, it's always good to know how to get rid of these guys.

  2. Hey those are good tips, I hate those basterds, following, because they always come back ahahha.

  3. I've had to deal with this before. The worst is when they repeatedly ring your doorbell too until you show up. Somehow they know you're home? God dammit.

  4. Luckily I never get JW around my area. I used to get them continuously when I lived near the ghetto. I wonder why....?

  5. Never had a JW come visit me, but thanks for the advice and info, + follow.

  6. not a fan of people being pushy about anything, especially religions

  7. Mega mega interested in this topic. Following.

  8. Hey I always wondered what they do wandering around neighborhoods, seem like nice people and all. I was a little curious about how their whole operation goes down, never met one face to face so I could ask them. Great post.

  9. Never heard about this. Glad i'm informed now!

  10. Very interested in this myself, great stuff man

  11. thanks for the advice, will help a lot in the future