Friday, 25 March 2011

Witnessing Part 2

Alright, so I will now explain the process of how Jehovah's Witnesses begin to get new members through their witnessing, when they go door to door, and find people who are actually interested (How unlucky for them).
So anyway, the first step is acceptance, and this is when they arrive at someones door, and they show them one of their magazines, and ask "would you like to have a read" and if for them, they stuck a lucky bone, is they'll accept it, and the JW will ask for their name, as you might have read in my last post.
So when they leave they write your name down, and address, so on and so forth.
Now when they come back, this is the next step in which they call 'Return Visit' and that's when they come back, and ask you what you thought of the magazine, what your opinion is, etc. They will go on to talk about this subject or maybe change the subject to something else, so they can keep the householder interested.
Now remember this, they will try and talk to you about subjects that you are interested in, obviously they do it to get more people, as anyone will, but the thing is though, they will talk about this or that, before they even start to talk about the real subjects like god, or Jesus, or whatever it may be......
So anyway, they like to come back regularly on a week to week basis, and keep on 'teaching' you things at your door, with the hopes that after awhile, you will become so interested, that you will allow them to come into your house, and have a more longer conversation....... so a 10 min talk, turns into 20, which it then turns into 30, so on and so forth. After awhile, after many many studies, they will ask if you would like to come to their 'meetings' which is their version of church.
When you do start going, it is a completely different experience, the way I put it is, you start getting the other side of the religion.
For me, the way I saw it was, their is two sides to the JW religion, two sides that in, their is two things that go on........ One side is the belief side, and that's the whole basis of what they believe, whatever it may be...... and the other is the social or the attitude side, and that's the way they talk to each other, or respect each other, it's a hard topic to go into and I'll talk about in another post, but anyway like I was saying before, when your studying with the JW's but not actually going to their meetings yet, than you are only getting one side of the religion, but when you start going, you start to get the other.
So when you go, everyone will act like their your best friend, quite frankly that's what you would kind of expect from any organized group, trying to get members.
So when you start to attend regularly,and they are able to get you to come out witnessing with them, you will be able to move up to the next stage which is an 'Unbaptized Publisher' and that's practically were you go witnessing, but every month, you have to put in how much time you had done that month, as weird that sounds.
Now their is no official amount of hours you have to put in, but If you don't put in much, than the elders give you weird looks, because they see that as being lazy, or just not good enough..... this all has to do with the other side of the religion, which like I said I will explain later on.
Anyway, after quite sometime, and you think your ready, you become baptized, and we all know what that means, no explanation really needed their.
So as you can see, their are different stages to being a JW, in which you can go deeper and become an elder, and so on, but that's a bit too deep, in which I might explain in a different post, some time in the future. 


  1. If you're deeper inside the organization what authority do you gain?

  2. I'm really riveted, I've been trying to find out about JWs for ages and everywhere I turn I seem to end up facing a brick wall.

  3. Lol, I hated you guys when you would come around early sunday mornings. They've stopped coming since we told them we were radical Muslims though.


  4. Just a quick note: turn off the captcha's on your comments. ;) cheers

  5. @Bummerman I'm sure I had turn it off, well looks like I didn't..... thanks for telling me.

  6. i love these people, they make me laugh.

  7. A long time ago we had our door open, which is common where we live. And this witnesses came up and went right through the door and started preaching to us while we were eating dinner. luckily our dog did pretty well at fending them off but it was still a WTF moment.

  8. I can't believe that you have to log how many hours per month you dedicated to their church. That's a little outlandish, but I guess that's why they have so many people canvasing the neighborhoods.

  9. They never came to house.. dunno to lazy walking up a hill

  10. Once when I was really bored I took some JW pamphlets I had lying around and walked door to door pretending to be one.
    Didn't get past one or two sentences before the door closed in my face.
    Tough market...