Monday, 18 April 2011

The End Of The System!

Hey Guys.
Sorry for not posting for almost a month now, I've been really busy lately with moving house so on and so forth.
Anyway the next post in which I am going to talk about is the reasoning the JW's have for the 'End Of The System' as they say. First of all, you might have noticed that they don't call it the end of the world, as many people might have prophesied. This is due to the fact that the JW's believe that when the end comes, god (being Jehovah) he will destroy the system on this earth (being the governments, the power, and the people on this earth).
Yes, this even includes his 'gracious' and 'discreet' followers the witnesses.  
But this is due to the reward he has for his people.

So another thing I have to explain is the 144,000.
This is what the JW's believe who will help god destroy the system, up in heaven, help to re-create the things destroyed on the earth, and also to help with the new world after the end of the system, which it than goes into the new paradise earth........ yeah I know, it's a tad bit confusing so it my next post I'll explain in detail the 144,000......... but for now just understand that they believe god chose 144,000 of his followers to go up to heaven, and help him.

So anyway, once god has destroyed the system, him and the 144,000 will bring the earth back to life.
Then their will be a time period in which god will raise up all the witnesses from the dead, as so they can become alive again, and be happy so on and so forth.
But after this happens, god also will raise those who was not jw's............. he gives them another chance.
Now this is when the confusion comes in, obviously the main question would be, if everyone gets a chance in being in the new paradise earth, than what's the point in being a Jehovah's Witnesses living by their strict rules?

Well the reason why Jw's are Jw's is because, well the way they put it is, when you go into the new paradise earth, their will be a lot of things in which you will not be allowed to do.
For example Watch violent movies (that is to say if they have movies in the new paradise earth), smoke, so on and so forth.
So living the JW life will prepare you for the paradise earth, but quite frankly if you have to force yourself to live a certain way, is it really paradise?

But than their is the weird reasoning they have which is another reason as to why someone should be a JW, as to not being a jw, is because they teach that we do not know when the end will come, but when the end does come, and during the process of destruction, and the whole world is in utter chaos, everyone who is not a JW, will not have another chance in the new paradise earth............
This is what I can't seem to understand, and this is another reason as to why I left the religion, is because I was thinking that if their was someone, for example an old lady,who lives in her old folks home, she is god fearing, loves god with all her heart, and is a respectful, all rounded decent person, with a heart that is just, yet just because of the shear fact she wasn't part of some religious group, she couldn't move on to the new paradise because of this. I never quite understood this, and quite frankly made me quite sad at times to think that this would happen to good people.


  1. Another excellent and enlightening post.

  2. I'll have to research them a little more to figure them out

  3. I'll have to read through your older posts to understand this :o brb

  4. Interesting. I learned something today :)

  5. So what happens to the JW number 144 001?

  6. @lets go get lost........... This is a common misconception about the jw's in which I will explain in the next post. FYI their is already 7,000,000 members worldwide already so........ yeah.