Sunday, 8 May 2011

The End Of The System Part II

Hey Guys.
Sorry again for not posting, I've been busy as hell lately with still moving house, and I have been concentrating on uni so on and so forth.

Alright so in this post I'll go on to explain further in detail about the JW's theory and reasoning to do with the 'End of the system'.
Now first of all their is the 144,000 thing.
This is a group of people in which was chosen randomly, by god himself (apparently) to become his faithful annointed.
So this whole process started right after world war I....... literally.
Before World War I (1914........ in case you didn't know) the JW's were going through a stage in which they would look at the bible, and come up with all these theorys about why it is they end of the system will come on this date, or this date. They had been doing it for years.
They thought that the end of the world would happen on 1914.......... than when World war I started, they thought they were right.
After that they had 1925, 1941, 1975, the list goes on.
So when this big thing in 1914 started, the conclusion they came to was that what had happened was the story in the book of revelation, about god casting Satan down to the earth.
And due to this, Satan absolutely destroyed the earth......... well not literally, but through world war I.
So that is why the JW's have stopped predicting when the end will come have had said that the end will come some time in the near future.
Now they say that after that event, god started to choose his annointed.
And what his anointed does is when the end of the world comes, they go up to heaven as his helpers, and every other JW gets to live on the paradise earth in which the 144,000 and god had created for them.
So the whole thing about the 144,000 JW's and that's it, and bla bla bla is all lies, sure they don't get to go up to heaven, but they get everlasting life on a 'new paradise earth' so on and so forth.

Now one interesting thing is the process of how the 144,000 is chosen, which is literally, a 'faithful' witnesses, says god chose them............ They just say, oh god came to me in my dreams and chose me........ yeah...... weird.

And they story you hear about were they do the memorial of Jesus..... eating the bread and wine, the JW's don't get to eat and drink, only the 144,000......... but that's just because they are the annointed....

I have to get going so I'll end this post short.